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Covid 19 safety plan

In the wake of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the

return to some semblance of "normal" life will be slow,

cautious, and structured with protective safeguards,

the safest possible nail salon experience should look

like during this time — when

and if you chose to go

* To reduce foot traffic, all services scheduled

beforehand, allowing for staggered appointments and

adequate time in between to properly clean and


* While the process of having your nails service

requires person-to-person contact, all other forms of

social distancing measures should be observed.

* That all salon employees will have temperature

screenings and wellness checks before each shift.

All guests will also have mandatory symptom

screenings before entering the salon as an additional

health and safety precaution. In general, do not go to

the salon if you're feeling sick or believe you've been

in contact with the virus.

* Everyone Must Be Wearing A Mask

* Employees Will Also Wear Gloves

*All clients and employees required to wash their

hands or use hand sanitizer before their service.

All nail tools should be disinfected between use, or be

single-use only.

* Fully ensure that salon is up to the COVID-19

standards of sanitation.

*Have customer leave contact information in case of

an outbreak

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